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2013 Commit Update: Todd Stafford

(2013 Commit Todd Stafford/Greenwich Time)

Todd Stafford, the first 2013 commit that you learned about here first, took some time to talk to ESPN Boston about his decision to head to UMass.

I won’t steal too much of ESPN’s thunder here, but you have to love this quote:

If they had remained at the I-AA level (FCS) the appeal would have still been there. It just seemed like the right place for me.

Also, from this Scout article, there is some further confirmation that the once run-first offense at UMass is changing with the times.

I love the campus and the direction the program is headed. The offense should be a perfect fit because it is a pass heavy offense, which favors my skill set.

Just as a quick aside – the fact that UMass recruiting is already getting this type of coverage is a good indicator for the months and years to come. In the past, the only news waves a UMass commitment would make is in the Western Massachusetts papers, who have always done a great job covering the program. Now UMass has ESPN Boston, Rivals, Scout and other new sources watching their every move.

Of course, there is still progress to be made – and a lot of it is small stuff. For instance, Rivals and ESPN have yet to have UMass on their lists of Division I schools. ESPN Boston doesn’t have a UMass logo among the others on the top portion of its site. The Boston papers have taken a nap now that it’s technically a “dead” period in college football.

Some of these things will change, and some won’t. I assume that’s the nature of the beast.

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