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2013 Recruiting: Team Tampa

Marquel Blackwell, former quarterback for USF, will coach Team Tampa/

UMass and assistant coach Allen Suber have recruited the Tampa area particularly hard this offseason, and a number of these athletes are set to play for Team Tampa, a team of highly rated football recruits from the area.

Essentially, Team Tampa will face off against some of the best athletes in Florida down in Bradenton in a seven-on-seven tournament.

For those that have not been exposed to seven-on-seven ball, here is a pretty good rundown. The rules may change from state to state, but this is the general idea.

A lot of recruiting services use these events to gauge athleticism and hand out awards that athletes can put on their “resumes,” so to speak.

Here are the UMass recruits that made Team Tampa:

Zach Benjamin has been raising his stock recently and was just named Combine King at a Tampa-area combine on March 18th.


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