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2013 Recruiting Update: Maurice Hurst Jr.

(Maurice Hurst Jr./New England Prep Stars)

The big guns are invading the Bay State.

Maurice Hurst Jr., a Xaverian High School defensive tackle, tweeted that Ohio State has extended him an offer. Hurst now has offers from almost every major conference in the country.

It looks like Ohio State fans are pretty confident on 247 Sports.

Don’t get too excited yet Buckeye fans – it sounds like Hurst Jr. has been a Penn State guy his whole life according to Victory Bell Rings:

I have a Penn State visit coming up in April. It’s been my favorite school since I was little. I’m wearing Penn State sweatpants right now, actually!

Penn State has yet to extend an offer, but that’s neither here nor there for UMass fans. The long and short of it is: There is little chance Hurst Jr. is going to be wearing Maroon and White in college.

Anyway, just for fun you can check out his highlights here.

Here is his tweet about THE Ohio State University:!/MRH_11/status/187635200065409024

(NOTE: You can tell when an athlete gets a huge offer on Twitter by how many times people re-tweet their post. Thirty three people did so in this situation.)

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  1. Umassfootballfan says:

    Its going to take several years before we’re consistently able to offer guys like this and get them. Unless we can avoid playing fcs teams, and line up tough non conf bcs schools only. We’ll get there within 5 years so long as we can go 2-2 at least annually against bcs schools and hammer the MAC. Winning will need to start within 3 years. Period.

    Great website- keep the buzz going and sign me up when you start cranking out the tee shirts.

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