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Sneak Peek of New Uniforms

The Summer 2012 edition of UMass Magazine features a cover story on UMass Football making the move to FBS play. In the magazine is an ad for UMass season tickets which appears to reveal the new Minutemen uniforms.

The Minutemen May Wear These Uniforms in 2012

As we’ve thought, they are black-on-black. Although it would seem odd for UMass to reveal the uniforms in this way, our own Bob McGovern has followed up with a few people, and this will be the color scheme this season. You can check out the story on the football program in UMass Mag here. You can also see the full-page ad for season tickets right here.

(NOTE: Thanks to Jonathan Moore for the heads up on this story.)


  1. Austinbri says:

    Hideous…worse than hideous. Whoever thought up these uniforms should be fired. It was a fad that’s horribly misguided. Stick with the school colors. Black for black sake sucks.

  2. Steve says:

    Will all the players have a white glow around them?

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      Hahaha … to go along with the smoke

  3. Tape says:

    These unis are a joke.

  4. Bob says:

    I like the uniforms, love the helmets. Please don’t tell me they won’t be available for sale until December 26. Get this new merchandise ready for sale-now!! UMASS defintely is in dire need of a marketing plan. Since tix go on sale to the general public on Monday is it too much to ask for an ad in the Herald or Globe, Sun, Eagle- Tribune,Enerprise,Patriot -Ledger, Telegram,etc. or are they waiting for game day?

  5. Locapo says:

    There is too much UMass on it, my only complaint. Would have loved to seen Massachusetts on the chest. The picture coach posted the other day was very revolutionary, I’m going to figure these are alternates and we will have mixtures of maroons, whites and these blacks. We are fbs now, we are trying to be like the big boys and have different colored helmets like Oregon, Florida, Maryland and what Molnar wants us to be like, Boise State. Either way, love the darth vader look, go watch the Ohio video of those kids getting all black unis, kids love this stuff.

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      My biggest thing is – I want the UMass off the helmet. To me that’s such a JV look. UConn got rid of it and now uses that “C.” I wouldn’t mind an “M” or even a “UM”

      1. RDM says:

        I’ve said the same thing about the ‘UMass’ logo on the helmet for years. BUT, I’m just not sure what to replace it with. I don’t think I love the ‘UM’ either.

  6. Matt says:

    Really hope these are not the #1 unis if they’re for real. Definitely don’t like them enough and we should be maroon/white first and foremost. Would rather have a new design of the current maroon tops.

    1. Andy says:

      I’m not loving this look at all. I think something could’ve been worked out incorporating the black with maroon and white. Way too much black here and not really that creative a look.

  7. Sleepy sheep says:

    No credit for sleepy sheep?! I broke the story on umass hoops yesterday?! Oh well. I bet the AA messed up and were not supposed to use the new image yet. I do wish maroon and white were a bit more prominent given our school colors are MAROON and WHITE!

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      Haha – sleepy, I 100 percent would have given you credit if I knew you posted. I haven’t been on the board much since I’ve been studying for the bar and trying to limit my internetting to this site (and occasionally facebook).

      I had a tweet this morning from one of our readers telling me to check out Thellen’s twitter, so I did and then went with it. Then I put out some calls and found out that this is the legit color scheme.

      1. sleepy sheep says:

        Don’t worry, I am not losing sleep over the coverage, just the fact that UMass’s school colors are now maroon, white and black.

  8. Arlo says:

    Have to agree with Will on this one; hoping these are just alternates. I’m just not sold on these uniforms at all. Hopefully they’ll grow on me.

    I wouldn’t mind something more traditional with this color scheme. I believe South Carolina uses the same color scheme, and I’ve always liked their unis. These would be nice alternates though.

  9. Will says:

    So, Bob, when are you re-naming the site the Black Musket? I like the unis, but hope these are their alternate ones. It’s always been maroon and white; don’t change now.

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      If UMass wins the MAC wearing those unis I’ll consider a name change.

  10. The Stig says:

    Unless UMASS is having fun with everyone, these are legit. Bob is right. Sincerely, The Stig

  11. Will says:

    This was a picture in the Alumni Magazine. I doubt these are real. Why would they reveal the new unis in the Alumni Magazine? That would be a giant waste of a golden opportunity to generate some buzz. Although, since I’ve yet to see any advertising in Eastern Mass, maybe they would leak it this way. Step it up athletic department! We’re D1 now, not 1AA.

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      I followed up with a few people, and this is the color scheme. I agree that it’s an odd time to release the first image.

      1. Will says:

        Thanks for the follow up, Bob! I like the unis, just think it’s odd to release the sneak peek like this.

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