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John Wallace to Transfer

John Wallace, an offensive lineman from Somerville, Mass., is leaving the UMass football program.

Wallace tweeted that he received his release from UMass. He indicated that he will play somewhere else.

The 6’4, 275-pound redshirt freshman saw significant playing time for the Minutemen this year at center and guard. Wallace was a likely candidate to replace Quinton Sales at center next year.

Wallace is the second player to transfer. Last week, we broke the news that Brian Dowling, a receiver/punt returner from New Jersey, chose to leave the program.


  1. UMASS Football says:

    Let’s just say this Bob Ditulio’s post is actually spot on, a lot of things went on behind closed doors and unfortunately Wallace is about 1 of 20 players that just packed it up and left due to the coaching staff concluding the last game. I don’t want to hear it’s because they couldn’t hack it, they waited till the season was over so they can go elsewhere. Sad but True News, I wonder how Molnar feels about it, probably doesn’tdude care or how he feels about Notre Dame being undefeated, and him being a non-factor?

    1. Larry says:

      And you are who? Where do you sit at games? Or are you some blog troll posting a bunch of junk to see how much mud you can get to stick? Or maybe you are one of those who tried to play at UMass (or elsewhere?) in some limited fashion and now because it did not work out for you due to whatever reason you get some twisted sense of accomplishment by knocking on anyone and everyone who is a part of this program.

      If I took your comments with a grain of salt that might be insulting to salt.

      You are either part of the solution or part of the problem – where do you think you stand?

      Have a nice day.

      Larry Sec 109 row 22 seats 27-29.

    2. Larry says:

      Just one other thing concerning your comments about “players not being able to hack it”?

      Did you go to games or watch them at all or did you take this opinion from the Sunday sports pages?

      This team was young – really, really young. We returned pretty much no one who touched the ball in 2011 to this years team.

      At times the team showed some promise but unless you are seeing something else – the opinions offered by many is that they have to improve if they are going to play this kind of schedule.

      I can only guess that when you see teams from the MAC you just take it for granted that these are “lesser” teams/ players. I guess you do not look at the makeup of pro teams then because without even really looking these rosters all over I’d be pretty confident in saying that all of the pro’s have players who developed in the MAC.

      Without calling out names – if players think this is all too much they are free to move on. If they are moving on to another D 1 or even good D 1aa these are the kinds of coaching and program expectations that they will encounter.

    3. SJGMoney says:

      They waited until the season was over? As opposed to what, quitting in October and walking on to Ohio State and playing the next week?

      You act like you know specifics so cough them up or we will pay you no mind.

    4. Bumpa says:

      I have to agree with Larry & SJG ..what did we expect? Of course we are going to have a busload of current rostered players heading for the hills. I would bet this is normal ..not just under new coaching staff/offensive scheme..but also on teams that transition from FCS to FBS!

      The 2011 UMass roster was all FCS recruited players..most never had the ability, or intention of playing at the FBS level. And we all know KMo left the cupboards bare.

      In comes an FBS coaching staff. After a full year of weights, spring ball, summer camp and a 1-11 season it’s clear to them what the roster is, and isn’t. This is a weeding out process..a lot of good kids are getting a life lesson here..things don’t always work out..hopefully all will have other opportunities elsewhere.

      But to trash Molnar and the staff at this time is irresponsible..maybe at some point it’s fair, but not now. He has a job to do, that’s build an FBS programs that WINS football games..and he may have to break a few eggs to do so. If someone has some facts, or better details..share them..otherwise stay’s the wrong time for rumor mongering.

      1. SJGMoney says:

        Exactly. I’m betting there are some players who just can’t handle (or don’t want to handle) the off field work in the weight room etc. It’s not for everyone, but I trust these coaches, with their experience, know what it takes to play at this level and it is their way or the highway.

      2. Andy says:

        Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment. You say the these players never had the ability nor intention of playing FBS ball. This is true, but when they were convinced that UMass was the place for them, FBS football wasn’t part of the equation. I’m trying to look at these kids as someone’s child who likely made their decision to attend and play ball for UMass as one of the biggest decisions they’ve ever made in their life. Then UMass changes the rules of the game midstream and these kids are being kicked to the curb. I’ve been around long enough to know that life’s not fair etc., but to some degree these students had a “contract” (though maybe not truly in the legal sense) to play ball for UMass in exchange for their education and it certainly wasn’t these student/athletes who changed the nature of this agreement.

        1. Bumpa says:

          Andy, I don’t disagree..and that makes sense..but the rules did change. You fail to mention new coaches with contracts themselves..and a directive to make this work!

          I feel bad for the kids who decide this isn’t for them anymore, who feel the carpet has been pulled out from under them. But that doesn’t mean we should be spreading/cultivating rumors about “differences behind closed doors” and “dislike” for the new coaching staff citing mysterious sources. That’s not fair either.

          This is what “big time” college football is..and it can be cruel.

          As an aside, and if I am correct, scholarships are a year to year contract, and not for all 4 years.

          1. Andy says:

            Bumpa- Complete agreement that the kids were the ones caught up in the winds of change. I do feel bad for them. Also agree that this shouldn’t be the basis for starting up a rumor mill. As for scholarships being year-by-year, that would make me re-evaluate the level of “breach” I felt had taken place. Maybe that can be confirmed by Bob McGovern at the MM.

  2. Larry Sheedy says:

    From Larry Sec 109 row 22 seats 27-29.

    Really dislike those who tweet or otherwise communicate anonymous b/s about what goes on with the team (or likely doesn’t). Put a name on what you have to say for crying out loud.

    Well season is at an end and the build is on for next year. Played a lot of good teams – some really good teams too. NIU 12-1 WOW they are good. Vandy 8-4 really good too. Michigan 8-4? good and getting better. Ohio, BG, Central Michigan with their load of a RB who put on a show against us.

    Recruits will be coming and at least for some current players either the competition and/or expectations are getting to them. Hopefully they will learn from this years experience and stay and improve. Coaches cannot teach size or heart but players can sure improve by getting stronger and quicker. Funny how most of those that were suspended for not going to class or breaking team rules then said to the press that what the coaches did was good for them. Wow players who understand the coaches want the best for them and the best from them. What a concept ! !

    This season was not an easy one. For those that care to check you will see I mentioned shortly after the Miami game that we were going into a very tough part of our schedule and it sure worked out that way. Northern ILL is a very, very, very good team. Are they good enough to play against – or win – versus Florida State – - – well we will find out soon. I’d offer that the version of Michigan I witnessed against UMass and the version of Northern ILL I saw on TV well NIU seems better overall. Their QB is a very good player and their team is a good one.

    I believe (I could be wrong) UMass played 6 of their 12 games against bowl teams (Mich, Ohio, BG, Vandy, NIU & Central Mich). That is one tough schedule. UMass looked pretty good against Ohio & Miami and I thought they could’ve been closer or maybe even won that one. A couple of calls did not go our way but referee’s are a part of the game and it happens. I thought the Buffalo and Central Michigan games were good ones for us as well but the team needs to play well for all 60 minutes – not 40 or 45 minutes if we are to come up with wins.

    I watch a lot of not only what goes on during the game between the sidelines but also on our sidelines and in our stands too. For some who are no longer on the team or are choosing to talk partly for reasons that they “want to be loved” well I have a newsflash for you. Life does not love you. Life is not easy. Life is tough and it does not get any easier as time goes on. Everyone is not a winner and everyone does not get to play D1 football if they have this kind of child-ish expectation.

    For those who think D 1 football is this way – well save yourself a lot of time and anguish and go somewhere else. If you are a part of this team or support this program expect next year to be better but it is pretty likely it will take at least another year for everyone associated to be able to play the kind of schedule we will be playing.

    We open 2013 at Wisconsin on 8/31 – I will be there. This will not be easy this is a team that is very, very big and enjoys “imposing their will” on their opponents. They did not schedule UMass because they thought it’d be a game – they expect to blow us out and thier coaches have a “great” rep for just blasting teams.

    Just so you know.

    Everyone. Every single player on every D 1 team across the country was at the barest minimum a pretty good player previous to coming on to their college D 1 team. For anyone to look for “love” while playing D 1 football must have some pretty weird views on what life hands you.

    Looking forward to seeing who is out for the Spring game and to next year.

    To all of my fellow sec 109′er’s – we will be in the same seats next season – hope to see you soon. Gronkflower is the man and just love watching him play.


    1. Bob McGovern says:

      Great take, Larry.

      1. Larry says:

        Thanks Bob. Hope to meet up with you sometime.


  3. SJGMoney says:

    I think this coaching staff is extremely demanding. Welcome to the real world of big time college sports. Not easy for some kids to adapt to the change, especially when they are the “adopted” players. If you read some of what these kids say (mainly on twitter) they do not pull any punches, the coaches are all very tough but with the goal to get the most out of you. I’ve read more than a few “conversations” between current players and their friends or current players and possible recruits and that demanding, tough nature comes through loud and clear.

    1. Larry Sheedy says:


      I like your thinking Guy.


  4. Jeff says:

    Never like to hear of players leaving if it’s b/c of the coaching staff.. especially this staff as Matt Alkire always mentions in his recruiting twits or articles howthe HS players love the staff. Yes, Brian’s dad mentioned being loved. Well, we have to remember, only 13 freshmen + 3 graduate are/were Molnar’s.

  5. Bob says:

    Kids leave college all the time for many different reasons. Good luck to him.End of story.

  6. Bob ditulio says:

    I”ll let you know from very reliable source this wont be nearly the last one to leave. Alot of pure dislike for a few members of the coaching staff and the head ring leader most of all . Alot different behind closed doors than what you read

    1. sleepy sheep says:

      Unfortunate and I hate writing this but this comes with playing FBS football. You see this at every school in the country.

    2. UMASS fan says:

      Think I heard about the same thing…. Wallace is most likely the first of three OL to transfer and just got to wonder how all of the upper body injuries (concussions) that the OL suffered impact their desire to remain with the program

    3. bob says:

      Waiting for you to tell us your very reliable source. Here is something from an unreliable source, which is just as good as your phoney source. Many of Kevin Morris recruits were in way over their heads. Good luck to them at Bryant, Stonehill, AIC and URI.

      1. UMASS fan says:

        It will be interesting to see who returns for next year. Reliable source, phony source, or just biased opinion, kids leave programs for a lot of reasons. Just think the OL is going to have some more leave…..

  7. RL says:

    Too bad. Seemed like a good kid, local boy who showed he could handle MAC level play. Sent him my best wishes, just hope he is not playing against us in the future.

  8. locapo says:

    We will have to see where he goes, maybe he just couldn’t handle D1 ball

  9. SJGMoney says:

    This one is a strange one. Dowling couldn’t get on the field and is not a 1A player but Wallace was getting playing time, albeit not as much as early in the year and seemed poised to get even more next year. Interesting.

    1. Andy says:

      We’re not exactly 3 deep with offensive linemen. “Strange” is right! It would be interesting to find out what was behind this move.

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