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UMass Announces Early Enrollees

(2013 Commit Nick Valles (#22)/Salem News)

UMass named the seven recruits who are on campus for the Spring Semester. We knew about most of them, but there are a couple of new faces on the list.

The three scholarship earners are old news, and include:

All three athletes are offensive linemen. Zeff is a 2013 recruit and will count toward the 25 scholarship allotment for this recruiting cycle. Mock is a 2012 recruit who missed last year via an undisclosed injury. We have been told that Mock’s scholarship goes with the 2012 class. Bruns comes to UMass from the JUCO ranks and will be counted with the other 2013 recruits.

The other early enrollees, who are all walk-ons, include:

  • Klysmann Afonso;
  • Nate Crutchfield;
  • DuVaughn Beckford; and
  • Nick Valles

We broke the news regarding both Afonso and Crutchfield (who are actually roommates), but this is the first time we’ve heard of Beckford of Valles.

UMass indicated that Beckford is a defensive back who transferred to UMass after two years at Assumption. He graduated from Nantucket High School, which is where Terrel Correia, a multi-faceted 2013 recruit that verbally committed to UMass, hails from.

Valles is a 2012 running back from Danvers High School.

A source in the program told the Maroon Musket that the team had a meeting on Monday night and that the team will participate in voluntary workouts this week. The source indicated that there was a new hire in the strength and conditioning program but did not know who it was, yet. He said there was a good turnout for the workout sessions so far.

The Maroon Musket has also learned that Michael Dowe, Jr., a defensive lineman that we’ve talked about before, will be on campus in the fall as a walk-on.

“I am definitely going to UMass in the fall. I made up my mind for sure,” he said.

Here is the updated list of recruits who have verbally committed:

  • Cole Ormsby, DE: Windsor HS (Conn)
  • Todd Stafford, QB: Greenwich HS (Conn)
  • Steve Casali, LB/RB:  Sachem East HS (N.Y.)
  • Richard Queen, OL: Bergen Catholic HC (N.J.)
  • Sam Zeff, OL: Montclair High School (N.J.)
  • Jordan Page, OL: The Pennington School (N.J)
  • Terrel Correia, TE/OL: Nantucket High School (Mass)
  • D.J. Woods, WR: University School (Fla.)
  • Tyshon Henderson, OL: St. George’s School (R.I.)
  • Peter Ngobidi, LB/DE: Catholic Memorial High School (Mass)
  • Enock Asante, OL/DT: Steinert High School (N.J)
  • Daquan Mack, HB/FB: Pennsbury High School (Pa.)
  • Nate Crutchfield, QB: Montclair High School (N.J) - preferred walk-on
  • Klysmann Afonso, WR: Jireh Prep (N.C.) – preferred walk-on
  • Jackson Porter, DB: Mt. Hebron High School (Md.)
  • Sharif Custis, TE: St John Neumann (Pa)
  • Brandon PeoplesRB: Milford Academy (N.Y.)/Archbishop Wood High School (Pa.)
  • Josh Bruns, OL: Glendale Community College (Ariz)
  • Garrett FitzGerald, OL: Catholic Memorial High School (Mass.)/Saint Anslem College (N.H.) - preferred walk-on
  • Peter Angeh, DE: Bullis School (Md.)
  • Logan Laurent, K/P: Exeter High School (N.H.) - preferred walk-on
  • Shaquille Harris, WR: Palmetto High School (Fla.)
  • Shane Huber, LB: St. Peter’s Prep (N.J.)
  • Joe Tyo, OL/DL: Dennis-Yarmouth High School (Mass) - preferred walk-on
  • DuVaughn Beckford, DB: Nantucket High School (Mass)/Assumption College (Mass) - walk-on
  • Nick Valles, RB: Danvers High School (Mass) - walk-on
  • Michael Dowe, Jr., DL: Cromwell High School (Conn)/Western New England University - walk-on


  1. Larry says:

    Hello All UMass fans

    Best of luck to those who are on-board and to those who will be soon.

    Just going to offer a few opinions today.

    First of all – UMass has offered a lot of players. It should be expected that a couple or three change their mind and go elsewhere. These are 18-19 yr old – generally speaking and they will act a lot of the time like 18-19 yr olds – generally speaking.

    2nd of all – Some of these recruits will come in and play well and some won’t and “why” will be asked a lot of the time. Will offer that Every Single Player on this team was at the very least the best player on their previous team and has never really had to earn a spot before coming here. This does not matter the college team or position or coach. Every player here now and next year and the year after is a good player. Now the question is can they adjust to the level of play that is coming down the road. UMass is going to play a very good schedule and every single game will be a challenge. UMass will no doubt have some players who come out of no where to get a lot of playing time. Just a couple of examples from the last few seasons of walkons who earned significant playing time in ther last few years Chivers on OLine, Hernandez as a RB, Duggan as a LB/RB/ Special Team’er and now Colton as a DB. Now we will again have some players transfer or decide they have had enough of playing college football. So be it. Nothing “wrong” with that. People come and go from college all the time. To each is their own. At the same time congratulations to all of those who stay on board and play for 4 years. Myself, I wish them all well.

    3rd – some players will be leaving and some will say it is this person or that person’s “fault”. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but it would be good if those who cast blame were a little more realistice about what goes on when someone has a D1 scholarship awarded to them. This is not a get out of jail free card or a go to class when you feel like it hall pass or workout when it is good for you or you feel like it type of deal. You get awarded a scholarship and you are expected to be contributing to the program(working out, tying to get better and more athletic), being a good person (staying out of the courts, doing what is expected of you by the school and all staff) and going to class (pretty much that should be clear but surprisingly sometimes it isn’t).
    As a player you break these rules – you pay for it. Shoot you have a great chance to set yourself up for the rest of your life and somehow it is still thought that this scholarship is somehow something else.
    Why is this mentioned – well if history is anything at all we will have a couple or three players from this group who make some less than stellar choices and will fall under one of these categories unfortunately. Th program will also have some players who will bust ass and will be contributing a lot more than most thought they might.
    Hopefully this class has a lot more of the later and none of the former.
    Looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming arrivee’s and for the spring game.
    Larry Sec 109

  2. tom massetti says:

    So Bob, do we have a “shoping list” of who is coming in for visits this weekend?
    I ‘ve heard Powell & Dunlap from Indy who’ve commited to EMU and Art Williams,
    a DB from Sebring, Fl. Anyone else?

  3. Bumpa says:

    Thanks for answering my questions about the scholarships and how applied.

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