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UMass Re-Commit: Shane Huber

(UMass Re-commit Shane Huber at the Chesapeake Bowl)

Shane Huber, a linebacker from New Jersey who committed to UMass and then decommitted, has once again committed.

Huber stated his intentions on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.05.33 AM

In response to a Tweet from MassLive’s Harry Plumer, Huber indicated that he is 110 percent committed:

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.05.36 AM

The 6’2, 228-pound athlete spoke to the Maroon Musket and indicated that he had some time to think things over after decommitting. Back when he decommitted, Huber told that the perceived instability of the UMass program caused him to re-open his recruitment.

This came on the heels of critical articles about the program in both the Boston Globe and the New York Times. Earlier this week UMass Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy responded to articles questioning his commitment to the program in a release on Huber indicated that the chancellor’s statement caused him to reconsider and recommit.

“After re-opening my recruitment I was able to grasp a real sense of what was truly important to me,” Huber told the Maroon Musket. “The only thing that changed my mind was the lack of support from the chancellor, and with his backing of the program and the coaching staff I could not turn down the academic and athletic opportunity at UMass. So basically the chancellor’s announcement that he is backing the program along with the amazing coaching staff at UMass is what changed my mind.”

Huber said that he read the New York Times article because he has been “on top” on things during the recruiting process. He also made a prediction that UMass fans will be happy to hear.

“The class of 2017 and I will bring a championship to UMass within our four years. Go UMass.”

Here is the updated list of recruits who remain verbally committed:

  • Cole Ormsby, DE: Windsor HS (Conn)
  • Todd Stafford, QB: Greenwich HS (Conn)
  • Steve Casali, LB/RB:  Sachem East HS (N.Y.)
  • Richard Queen, OL: Bergen Catholic HC (N.J.)
  • Sam Zeff, OL: Montclair High School (N.J.)
  • Jordan Page, OL: The Pennington School (N.J)
  • Terrel Correia, TE/OL: Nantucket High School (Mass)
  • D.J. Woods, WR: University School (Fla.)
  • Tyshon Henderson, OL: St. George’s School (R.I.)
  • Peter Ngobidi, LB/DE: Catholic Memorial High School (Mass)
  • Enock Asante, OL/DT: Steinert High School (N.J)
  • Daquan Mack, HB/FB: Pennsbury High School (Pa.)
  • Nate Crutchfield, QB: Montclair High School (N.J) - preferred walk-on
  • Klysmann Afonso, WR: Jireh Prep (N.C.) - walk-on
  • Jackson Porter, DB: Mt. Hebron High School (Md.)
  • Sharif Custis, TE: St John Neumann (Pa)
  • Brandon PeoplesRB: Milford Academy (N.Y.)/Archbishop Wood High School (Pa.)
  • Josh Bruns, OL: Glendale Community College (Ariz)
  • Garrett FitzGerald, OL: Catholic Memorial High School (Mass.)/Saint Anslem College (N.H.) - preferred walk-on
  • Peter Angeh, DE: Bullis School (Md.)
  • Logan Laurent, K/P: Exeter High School (N.H.) - preferred walk-on
  • Shaquille Harris, WR: Palmetto High School (Fla.)
  • Shane Huber, LB: St. Peter’s Prep (N.J.)

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  1. Mike says:

    Everyone who contributes frequently to this board should pat themselves on the back on this news, as we no doubt played some part in effecting the change in stance by the higher-ups to get these things back in order. Go us!

  2. doug says:

    Great news! Hey Holines, enjoy Ex-Conn.

  3. boris says:

    go umass – thank you coach molnar and staff!!

  4. John says:

    Great news. Great perseverence by Coach Molnar and the staff, look forward to watching Huber roam the defensive side of the field.

  5. Cosmo says:

    Great news! Really excited to have Huber committed again. Go UMass!

  6. Chizzle says:

    I like how we recruited this kid from the get-go and he had a huge senior season and still kept him…… that is what I am talking about.

  7. UM51 says:

    Outstanding news! Kudos to Molnar and the staff. Go UMass!

  8. Andy says:

    Isn’t it nice to wake up to this kind of UMass football news? Thanks to all who didn’t give up on this recruit and were involved in this decision. It’s time for UMass Football to step up to the plate and stop pandering to the naysayers.

  9. JMoore says:

    For me, the best part is that you know certain members of the faculty senate were gloating among themselves that they were effecting change with huber’s decommittment. I hope they choke on their Cheerios when they read this headline.

    Credit to the coaching staff for not letting Huber get away. I have a mental image of Molnar- arms crosses and red faced- standing over a weeping Swammy while he wrote his article about his commitment to the team. Thank you coach!

  10. UMatt says:

    Welcome back Shane! Great to have him aboard. Credit to you guys and UMass fans everywhere for pushing Swammy to issue that public statement.

  11. ZACHISGOD says:

    So excited to have Huber back!!! This kid is a beast and will definitely be starting right away.

    Huber and Casali will destroy the MAC.

    The new Linebacker U

  12. Bob says:

    Good news for Coach Molnar-this proves my theory…UMASS is in good hands with Charley Molnar as our coach and LEADER! I’m heading down to NYC to see our ballers take it to Fordham. I’m also looking for UMASS fans to take over Rose Hill, just like we did at Northeastern in December. UMASS is in the house-be loud and proud. Shane Huber come on down to see the Minuteman spirit. Welcome back!!! Western Mass fans, remember no tractors allowed in the Bronx, park your John Deere’s in CT and take the train.

    1. Larry says:


      We come from as far west in wmass as anyone can.
      No tractors here boyo.
      Love your enthusiasm but the anyone from umass vs anyone else is getting old guy.
      Just my opinion.
      Hoping to meet you at a game n talk umass football.
      Really good to hear Huber is back.
      Talked w some nj umassers who had seen him play n they think he should do well w us.

      Larry sec 109 row 22

      1. Bob McGovern says:

        Love the fervor from this Bob, but just wanted to re-point out that I am, indeed, a different Bob.

        I take the T, which is probably worse than a tractor.

        1. Larry says:

          To Bob m gotcha.

          To Bob who doesn’t appreciate tractors – ever ride one?

          You can get through anything on a tractor.

          Keep pounding the rock……keep pounding the rock.

          Larry sec 109 row22

          1. Bob says:

            Larry- I’m trying to needle the WMASS UMASS fans, who just complain, and rarely attend sporting events. I want more people committed to the programs, as it is what is holding back the school. If we had more people like you we would be a more successful program. Guys like you are not who I am calling out. Lets hope for big gains in attendance and wins for UMASS football in 2013.

    2. MartyPeretz says:

      I will be there. I’m hoping there’s a ton of us and thus far, I’m led to believe that will be the case.

  13. MartyPeretz says:

    Awesome. Hopefully I’ll get to a game this year.

  14. SJGMoney says:

    Big week for the Minuteman, big week! Can’t believe the BCS championship just ended and I can’t wait until the first game next year. Big boy football in our veins.

    1. Bumpa says:

      { the Kool-Aid man busting through the wall..}

      Oh Yea!

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