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UMass Recruiting: News and Notes

As Signing Day draws near, there is no shortage of recruiting news.

UMass is no longer pursuing Brandon Peoples, a running back from from Warminster, Pa. who verbally committed last month, according to a source with knowledge of the recruiting process. Peoples had originally committed to Temple and then decommitted shortly after Steve Addazio left the school for Boston College.

With Peoples no longer in the picture, UMass has one scholarship running back committed in the 2013 class - Daquan Mack. It sounds like Charley Molnar and Roderick Plummer paid Mack a visit:

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 4.07.54 PM

Speaking of commits, the Maroon Musket has learned that several athletes who have verbally committed will be on campus on January 25, according to a source. Richard Queen, Shane Huber and Shaquille Harris will take their official visits on that day.

E.J. Burston, a wide receiver who is teammates with Harris, will also visit. Burston has not yet committed to UMass, and it is unclear if he holds an offer.

There will also be two defensive linemen and three other recruits, but their names were not released.

We did learn that three athletes who committed elsewhere will not be on campus, as was initially reported. Justin Williams (Michigan State), Derrick Dunlap (Eastern Michigan) and Deshai Powell (Eastern Michigan) are not expected to visit on Jan. 25.

Things are going to get interesting really quickly.

Phil Vandersea, a UMass football great from the 1960s, will be inducted into the UMass Hall of Fame.

Matt Vautour from the Daily Hampshire Gazette had some interesting roster notes. He reported that Ryan Carter (DB) will forgo his final year and graduate in the spring. Vautour also indicated that – aside from John Wallace and Brian DowlingRyan Delaire (DL), Greg Hilliard (LB) and Jamar Smith (RB) are looking to transfer.

Vautour also indicated that quarterback Kellen Pagel is “likely done” with football at UMass.


  1. Frank says:

    Charlie Molnar is a classless slim ball. He has a history of dishonest and disloyal recruiting practices. He will never succeed as a head coach! UMass nation you will see soon enough.

  2. Umike says:

    Weather for the weekend,

    Friday H23 L14 Mostley Cloudy
    Saturday H23 L8 AM Snow Showers
    Sunday H27 L13 Sunny

    Let’s hope Charley gets these kids in some top notch winter swag once on campus.

  3. Umike says:

    Saw roman clay talking to shane huber on twitter about possibly coming up this weekend for his official. He’s committed to kent state, maybe he’s the replacement for people’s?

    1. umass1991 says:

      now that would be an interesting twist bw Clay and Umass

      1. SJGMoney says:

        Saw that too, Huber working on him for us. Check out this tweet, especially who re-tweeted it

        1. SJGMoney says:

          Just did a little more stalking, I mean reading. Clay just had an official visit to Penn State last weekend, nothing about an offer mentioned. He still is supposedly committed to Kent State but with their head coach now at Purdue….kid rushed for 2400 yds this year!

          1. umass1991 says:

            Since I don’t tweet, can you help me out here. I see Huber tweeted that if “we get him then the class is complete”. After that, its seems Jordan Page (umass commit) responded with who (I guess asking the question of who is Huber talking about). So, what you are referring to is that Page retweeted which means they are following each other??

          2. SJGMoney says:

            Nah, Huber and Clay were tweeting back and forth to each other. Huber saying he’s coming for his official visit and Clay saying he may want to go now too seeing as he knows who else is going. Huber tells Clay to text him, obviously wants to converse outside the twitter world. A few hours later (after a text convo, phone convo?) Huber posts that tweet about “if we get him class is complete”. Clay then retweets it as does Logan Laurent, the kicking recruit. Page also chimes in asking who, but the fact Clay re-tweeted it is very interesting.

            All I know is it better warm up before this weekend or I don’t like our chances with any of these Florida recruits. C’mon god, wtf!!!

    2. The Stig says:

      Unless something has changed, Roman isn’t a kid that UMASS is high on. May see a prep school kid come into the mix though.

  4. The Stig says:

    Oh, who the hell is Frank Addazio Bob? Haha.

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      I’m an idiot. Thanks for catching that.

  5. The Stig says:

    Peoples was the commit that Bob was talking about UMASS losing a looong time ago. They were deciding to cut bait with him.

    Just say he isn’t a UMASS type of guy and leave it at that.

  6. tom m says:

    Not good news at all! I hope we have a few “‘surprises” on the favorable side come 6 February! GO UMASS!

    1. umass1991 says:

      should be a big class: seniors leaving+guys leaving like Wallace+Pagel-Colton+unused schollys= at least 28 schollys

  7. umass1991 says:

    too bad about the Powell and Dunlap. Thought Molnar could steal them. Wonder if one the three “other” recruits is a RB which maybe why they are no longer recruiting Smash

    1. umass1991 says:

      plus Walkons = 35/36

  8. SJGMoney says:

    What’s the deal with Smash?

    1. Umike says:

      I saw this on twitter,

      @Ball_U_Blog UMass pulled the offer of committed RB Brandon Peoples two weeks before National Signing Day. Keep it classy Charlie…

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