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UMass Recruit: Jared Coker

(UMass Recruit Jared Coker/Rivals)

Jared Coker, a 6’5, 275-pound guard that we’ve talked about before, is showing heightened interest in UMass and plans on taking a second visit to the school, according to a source with knowledge of his recruitment.

Coker, a junior at Briar Woods High School in Virginia, took an unofficial visit to UMass with his dad back in early February, and the Minutemen offered a few days later, according to the source. UMass was the first school to offer. He will come up to campus “during spring ball” with his mom to check out the school.

It sounds like Jeff Burris, UMass’ cornerbacks coach, is the point man in Coker’s recruitment.

Coker also holds an offer from Bowling Green and is drawing interest from a few other schools. Back when we initially reported on UMass’ interest, Coker was a relatively unknown commodity. Since then, Rivals has updated his page, and the Washington Post wrote an article about the college interest surrounding Coker and his teammates at Briar Woods.

I have a feeling we will be hearing more about this guy during the 2014 recruiting cycle.

Check out his highlights here:

I have definitely seen all the news surrounding the Big East, Catholic 7 and Atlantic 10. For now, there really isn’t much to say aside from: “Let’s see how this all pans out.” The dominoes are falling exactly was many thought, and, in my opinion, the MAC Option, which I’ve written about before, is starting to sound more and more attractive.

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  1. umass1991 says:

    interesting .. when he pulls to the left, his head is looking that way prior to the snap. His future O line coach is going to be yelling at him… head down!

  2. John says:

    Great news on Coker, a second visit this early must mean he has some serious interst. He definatley has the size to help us out, and showed he could get down field in some of the highlights.

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      Definitely – I like how he pulls, too. Kid looks like he has pretty good feet for a big guy.

  3. bob says:

    Be patient Umike, you sound like a Uconn fan with all your negativity.

    1. Umike says:

      Nah, just a realist. Look at the A10 with out Charlotte, Butler, Xavier, Saint Louis, Dayton and Temple. Who do we replace that with? UConn made their bed, they have to sleep in it, we can move up and on which we should.

      And UConn will get grabbed by someone, too good of a brand to be left out in the cold, once they get poached from the Big East so will Cinci and Temple and so on. Its just a matter of time before the old Big East becomes the new Conference USA.

      1. Bob says:

        Before it’s all said and done, there will be a east-west mac,including football,non football etc. involving VCU,URI,Temple,StJoe’s,etc. stay tuned.

        1. Bob McGovern says:

          Bob, I don’t know where you get your info, but I love that idea.

          1. Umike says:

            So you’re talking basically a MAC/A10 merger? Where is this info coming from?

          2. SJGMoney says:

            Sounds like Bob is just putting his thinking cap on, which is more than some of these commissioners are doing. The BE commish especially, and make that commish-es plural have been asleep at the switch for years. YEARS!! This latest plan to add Tulsa and Tulane and Navy kind of sort of is so stupid that it proves my point about no brain power being used. It’s a scatter gun approach, a Jackson Pollack painting of an splash here, a splash there with no overall comprehensive plan.

            When they finally wise up and make me BE Commish here’s what I’ll be doing: A re-focused conference of teams that capture all the major TV markets from Boston to South Florida (with the knowledge that we have to keep a few teams outside that area due to current membership agreements):

            Richmond or Old Dominion
            East Carolina

            I tell Richmond and Delaware they have 5 minutes to make the decision to move up to play Big Boy football or the offer is rescinded and I’ll go with Charlotte, ODU etc. We then build this beeeatch from the ground up. Time to stop looking for short cuts and living in the past. Every team in the conference signs iron-clad agreements to give it 5 years to work. If certain benchmarks aren’t reached in 5 years than every team is free to go somewhere else without penalty. If they are reached than another 5 year lock takes place. There will be no defections allowed, monetary penalties will be so severe it won’t ever come to this. Conference council Robert McGovern will draw up this paperwork and enforce it with an iron fist.

            Conferences like the B1G are playing chess and these nitwits at the BE are playing X’s and O’s. The B1G is locking up TV markets and the BE is looking at…..Tulsa. You tell me I can’t do a better job than that, c’mon!!!

  4. Umike says:

    Looks like with the A10 becoming a joke, the MAC is the way to go in all sports. It’s not breaking up anytime soon so its got stability. Hoops maybe a downgrade but they are better in a lot of other sports.

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