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UMass Recruiting: Final Weekend

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With Signing Day just days away, UMass was making some moves on the recruiting trail.

Aside from picking up a verbal commitment from Arthur Williams, Charley Molnar and staff also had a number of running backs on campus.

Daquan Mack, a rumbling power back that has already verbally committed to UMass, was in Amherst on a visit. As was Lorenzo Woodley, a three-star back from Miami who holds offers from all over the place, according to 247 Sports. Woodley has offers from schools ranging from Purdue to Cincinnati. He visited the Boilermakers back in November.

If Woodley were to sign with UMass, he would be the top rated recruit in the 2013 class.

Perhaps most intriguing was the presence of Roman Clay, a two-star recruit from Pennsylvania who we’ve had our eye on for months. Clay has already verbally committed to Kent State, and Penn State (and their fans) have been poking around recently.

Clay attended UMass hockey’s 5-1 win over Boston University of Feb. 1, according to a student who preferred to have his name withheld. He arrived with quarterback Mike Wegzyn “and there were some ‘Roman Clay’ chants as well as some signs for him. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and Wegzyn was selling pretty hard,” according to the student.

“I didn’t take any pictures, but I know someone took one of Roman holding a sign that said ‘Roman, Welcome to our Colosseum’ with his picture on it. I don’t know who the student was. There was another sign, but I don’t remember what it said,” he said. “Roman seemed moved by the signs and the chants, too. He walked up the stairs about 15 seconds before we scored, so I hope he still in the arena during the cheers.”

Clay took some pictures, and posted them on Instagram.

Clay is a two-star recruit and is considered one of the elite running backs at the lower level of Pennsylvania football.

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  1. tom m says:

    Woodley’s running mate at Columbus High in Miami , Daryl Chestnut, also a
    3 star recruit with big time offers, verballed to Western Michigan last week. I
    hope playing in the same conference(MAC) will be a plus for us!

    1. umass1991 says:

      Anyone know if Woodley has a twitter account? Be curious what he had to say about his visit.

      1. NJUMASS08 says:

        The only thing on his twitter is Vanderbilt and Western Michigan fans trying their darnedest to break NCAA recruiting rules. They’re all trying to get him to come to their schools and are blatantly violating the rules. But that happens every day.

        1. SJGMoney says:

          In theory I think it is only a violation if these people have donated money to the program, the donation technically making them boosters. The NCAA has so many other issues……fuhgettaboutit

      2. SJGMoney says:

        And he’s not a big tweeter, every couple of days or so at best.

        1. SJGMoney says:

          Interesting to see the last 3 people on twitter he is now following: Charley Molnar, Charley Molnar 3, Shane Waldron. Hmmm….

          1. umass1991 says:

            fingers crossed….

  2. NJUMASS08 says:

    Looks like Clay has decided to stay with his Kent State commitment. Damn, I thought this weekend might have changed his mind.

    (He just changed his twitter background to a big picture of the Kent State logo)

    1. SJGMoney says:

      I think the Kent thing has been his background for a while. He said he’s still committed there but you know he’s got to be on the fence a little. Don’t see him posting pics of him in his UMass uni etc on Instagram unless he’s thinking about it somewhat. Need Huber and Co in his ear.

      1. umass1991 says:

        I know he posted pics of the posters he saw at the hockey game.. He also posted pics with a Umass uni?

        1. NJUMASS08 says:

          Yes he posted a pic of him in a uni, but confirmed on twitter that he is committed to Kent State and came to UMass “just for the heck of it”.

          Also, SJG, he had a background of him playing high school ball and then changed it to the Kent State logo last night.

          1. Umike says:

            Clay was in a UMass uni? Where? I never saw that

          2. NJUMASS08 says:

            Here is the picture.

            Also, here is his tweet in response to a concerned Kent State fan.

            “Roman clay ?@BingMe_Bruh
            @Poteat_717 I’m still committed I just took an official to umass”

          3. SJGMoney says:

            The pic of him playing is still his icon, the background is the Kent State thing you were referring too, but I seem to remember that background was something Kent State related before. I can’t swear it was the same one but… A lot of times I don’t see those backgrounds because I’m using my phone etc.

            For the record, my background is a chicken sandwich I had a Friendly’s. Long story but my daughter is always bugging me to change it so I keep it just to bust her chops.

          4. Umike says:

            Who is wearing #3?

          5. NJUMASS08 says:

            I think the player wearing the #3 is Arthur Williams, the CB who committed.

  3. Chad says:

    Purdue just picked up a rb verbal today and leads for another rb, that would give them 4 running backs. We might have a better shot at Woodley now.

  4. UM51 says:

    Looks like a solid class, everyone has to buy season tickets and make these games an event!

  5. Larry says:

    Things are changing.
    Might take a little while but things are changing.
    Really happy to be on board.

    Larry sec 109

  6. Bob says:

    Molnar is getting it done for UMASS in recruiting. Good days are coming-get on the bandwagon and off the sidelines!!

  7. umass1991 says:

    would be a great coup if they could flip Clay and sign Woodley. My guess is they won’t get either, but if I was to be wrong, I would say .. Clay flips..

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