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2013 Football Schedule Released

The Mid-American Conference announced the 2013 Football Schedule, and UMass has no home mid-week games, which is great for attendance purposes. Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • 8/31/13 – at Wisconsin
  • 9/7/13 – Maine
  • 9/14/13 – at Kansas State
  • 9/21/13 – Vanderbilt
  • 9/28/13 – BYE
  • 10/5/13 – at Bowling Green
  • 10/12/13 – Miami (OH)
  • 10/19/13 – at Buffalo
  • 10/26/13 – Western Michigan
  • 11/2/13 – Northern Illinois
  • 11/9/13 – BYE
  • 11/16/13 – Akron
  • 11/23/13 – at Central Michigan
  • 11/29/13 – at Ohio (Friday)
  • 12/7/13 – MAC Championship Game (@ Ford Field, Detroit)

Also, nice all-white uniform here in this staff photo (Thanks to reader/contributor Mike Locapo for the heads up):

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  1. IPA0037 says:


    I like the season ending on two road games. Those have the potential to be the two coldest games and therefore have the worst attendance, glad they are on the road. I think Maine, Miami and Akron are the best chance of victories. With @ Buf and W. Mich not too far behind. I think 2-4 wins is reasonable this year. GO UMASS!!

    1. Andy says:

      Fair enough. I just hate seeing a season come to an end, and the cold doesn’t really bother me that much. I’ll feel better about it if those games are live-streamed.

  2. ms says:

    Great schedule. Gonna be a good year. Love the uniform. White helmet far better than black one. Would like to see cardinal and silver as well with the logo as is.

    1. UMatt says:

      I like it. Football really loves to send out secret messages to leak new stuff, don’t they? However it could be they just stuck a new logo on one of the old helmets for fun. We’ll see.

  3. NJUMASS08 says:

    Season ticket prices went down by about $5 bucks a game. That’s nice.

    And what was that note on the article about calling to renew your season tix? I thought they were going to send us the renewal forms in the mail.

  4. Andy says:

    How did we end up with two bye weeks? Is that common? Also, hate to see the season end with two road games.

    1. sleepy sheep says:

      Probably because the Wisconsin-Madison (lol) game and labor day are so early.

    2. James says:

      This is pretty common in college football, especially now that some teams are playing their 1st game in August. 12 game limit, usually 8 conference and 4 out of conference, between last week of August and end of November (or 1st week in December in conferences without championship games). Besides spreading the season out, it makes scheduling easier. Say Vandy bailed, we could get a replacement for 9/21, 9/28, or 11/9.

  5. Umike says:

    Love the last game, MAC Championship.

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      I meant to call it a BYE week.

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