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Photo Gallery: UMass Pro Day in Foxboro

Nine UMass seniors participated in drills on Monday at the team’s pro day event at The Dana Farber Field House next to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Fourteen NFL scouts were in attendance to get an up-close look at Michael Cox, Perry McIntyre, Stephane Milhim, Quinton Sales, Nick Speller, Darren Thellen, Deion Walker, Alan Williams, and Hafis Williams.

All Photographs by Andy Heller of Heller Photography in Attleboro, MA for


  1. SJGMoney says:

    Seems as though Milhelm could get drafted. Anybody else want to cast bets/guesses on any of our other guys getting picked up and making a team? I think Thellin has a shot, impress the right team on special teams and then go from there, he’s tough and has a nose for the ball. I wonder if Alan Williams can get somebody to bite on him as a slot receiver. He is quicker than fast, has good hands, and showed the ability last year to find open spaces and make people miss. A guy like Cox may end up in the right spot as well and could deliver if given the chance.

    1. Andy says:

      Not that I’m a judge of NFL talent, but Cox just seems like a great all-around athlete. Problem is it’s still damn hard to hook up with an NFL team.

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