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VIDEO: UMass Spring Football Update No. 2

Notice Coach Molnar’s blossoming beard:

Via UMassAthletics


  1. UMasSauce says:

    If nothing else, I’m pumped that Molnar seems pumped. As expected, the QB situation needs to play itself out but I can’t wait for the spring game to get a good look at them. Hope to see ya’ll there.

  2. Andy says:

    I say the beard stays until the first victory at Gillette.

  3. Zoomaster says:

    I am not impressed by the glimpse of players on the team right now… they look real amateur especially the D-lineman who was shown at the beginning of the vid, talk about slow…

    1. NJUMASS08 says:

      I don’t think you need to worry just yet. Second day of spring practice is mostly still technique drills.

    2. Umike says:

      I’m pretty sure they are playing for the cameras in some of these shots, I mean, the kid is basically in their helmets.

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