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Where’s the Beef?: New UMass Linemen

(Jordan Page is one of at least 13 offensive linemen to join UMass next year/247 Sports)

After news broke that UMass would be without the services of offensive linemen Jamie Casselberry and Michael Boland, many fans began to wonder whether the Minutemen were back to square one in the trenches.

Of course, losing experience hurts when dealing with the big guys up front, but the Minutemen have dealt with the situation pretty effectively in the offseason. Including walk-ons, deferred commitments, JUCO transfers and scholarship freshmen, UMass is bringing on at least 13 athletes that can lace them up and provide depth.

Below are the new faces that we’ve reported on, so far. There is always the (likely) possibility that we’ve missed a walk-on or two.

  • Garrett FitzGerald (walk-on)
  • Joe Tyo (walk-on)
  • Costa Toubekis (walk-on)
  • Will Giggi (walk-on)
  • Aaron Oberst (walk-on)
  • Josh Bruns (JUCO)
  • Terrel Correia (2013 signee)
  • Tyshon Henderson (2013 signee)
  • Fabian Hoeller (2013 signee)
  • Cameron Mock (2012 signee)
  • Rich Queen (2013 signee)
  • Jordan Page (2013 signee)
  • Sam Zeff (2013 signee – early enrollee)

I’ve also been told that the Minutemen plan to use at least one of their two remaining scholarships on a graduate student transfer, which could potentially provide a huge boost. We likely won’t hear any names until early summer – we broke the news about Hafis Williams and Deion Walker in late May.

So, while the loss of Casselberry (my favorite lineman) and Boland will definitely hurt, there is little doubt that UMass will enter the 2013 season with more depth than it did in 2012 when it was forced to start freshmen and convert guys like Al Leneus to offensive line mid-season.

Depth doesn’t necessarily mean success, but UMass has added nearly 3,900 pounds of beef to the 2013 squad, which should ease some concerns about the issues up front.

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  1. Dave says:

    I agree, I think Tyo could be a guy who is successful on the DL. Looks pretty athletic, and I’ve seen him listed at 6-5, 265 – probably more of a DE, but maybe could play as tackle as well in a year or two if he puts on some more muscle. Here are some highlights:

    1. ms says:

      Roger that, Dave. Thanks for the link. He does appear to have very good power and quickness.

  2. Jim says:

    Thank you Bob, for bringing an reassuring article to the blog. I for one am nervous. Next question, coaches…

  3. ms says:

    I’m concerned about the lack of depth and recruiting on the defensive line. This was a critical year to bring in players to cultivate, but Molnar has not mentioned, even tacitly, about moving any players from the offensive line to the defensive side. Even next year, if there is an excellent recruiting class of defensive linemen, they will still be freshmen. Few other positions require as much maturity, strength, and experience as the defensive line, and so my fear is that, while there has been good play here, Byrne, who will graduate next year, has no apparent successor. I’d like to see Terrel Correia either as a defensive end or a TE. I’d also like to see Hoeller moved to the interior. It will be interesting to see who is moved where, because as must needs dictate, there is little depth in the present and great urgency for cultivating the future.

  4. umass1991 says:

    Other than Wilkinson, I wonder, of this group, if any will switch to the Defensive side? If one was to switch, my two cents would be on Henderson… 6’6 300lbs. Good size for a DT. Would see alot of action in his FR year

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      I know you’re probably just thinking about scholarship guys, but I think Tyo is a candidate to put on some muscle and play on the DL. Henderson isn’t a bad bet, but he has the frame to be enormous, which is what this team needs up front on offense.

      1. Larry says:


        Like Tyo a lot and I’d offer could be another Colton – in a year after learning how to lift and eating better. Got to like a lax player turned DE.

        Larry sec 109

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