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UMass Will Likely Play Three at McGuirk in 2014

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The UMass football team will likely play three home games at an upgraded McGuirk Alumni Stadium in 2014, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation. The other three home games will be played at Gillette Stadium.

Two sources have indicated that it is all but a done deal. A third source indicated that there is still work to be done.

“There is a lot of work that needs to get done between now and then, but if all goes on schedule that would be likely,” the source said. All three sources chose to remain anonymous since the decision has not yet been made official.

John Sinnett, UMass’ sports information director, could not confirm the 2014 scheduling arrangement. He said that, under his understanding of NCAA scheduling rules, the Minutemen would be allowed to have the split home game scenario.

It is unclear which three opponents will play in Amherst, but they are likely to be Mid-American Conference foes. As it currently stands, Boston College and Colorado are UMass’ two home out-of-conference games for 2014.

McGuirk is going through a major facelift where a new press box and end zone facility are being added to comport with MAC stadium requirements. The school has released multiple renderings of the improvements. The upgrade is scheduled to be finished by July 2014.

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  1. excellent post, very informative. I’m wondering why the other specialists of this sector don’t understand
    this. You must continue your writing. I’m confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  2. Minute-Mill-Man says:

    Speaking of dumps, I need to take one. Just thought I’d share that. Yeahhhh

    1. loep says:

      Slept on this dump situation. Here’s my vision: I am standing in the so-called dump wearing a bright yellow haz-mat suit with a red hard hat, chewing on a cigar. There is a heavy fog. As the team comes onto the field, ACDC is playing so loud I am having a hard time keeping the cigar between my teeth. There is roaring thunder and white lightning flashing across the sky. Every dream starts with a vision. You guys have got to stop this! Now I am damn sure all in for a game at McGuirk! Now we’re talking muy bueno football, amigos!

      1. Larry says:

        To El Grande Whale

        (hey I have never said my Spanish skills were all that)

        Welcome to the what goes on a lot of the time when talking with so called “Fans” in the Northeast.

        Was driving through NJ yesterday listening to sports radio and some of the callers were saying that the NY Giants should let UMass’s own Victor Cruz go since he was overated.

        The Bruins are a top 5 NHL team and it takes no work at all to find those who think they are bums.

        The Celtics . . . . well the Celtics have not brought home a NBA championship in “years”.

        IMHO – These kind of “fans” seem to be more common in the Northeast than elsewhere. The sort who if the team is not Hall of Fame worthy would propose everything associated be blown up and cows should be grazing on their fields.

        Are these “fans” numerous – not too likely.

        Are they loud, obnoxious and out of line – yes they are but hey they live in the best dang country in the world so they are allowed to voice their ill thought out opinions however many times they like. These same folks never ever see the glass as half full or are optimistic about much of anything.

        Oh well sux to be them.


        In New England antd thankfully at UMass – We have a lot more of those who are sturdy, good salt of the earth, hard working, shoulder to the wheel, blue collar at heart types and who put their money where their mouth is and will support the team.

        As an example about 20 yrs ago Bob Kraft went to a Patriots game at the old Sullivan Stadium and had 4 tix for a game against the Colts. Only himself and his son (who is now Ass’t GM or something like that with the Pat’s) went to this game. They had season tix and would sit in their endzone seats on the very nice and cold aluminum benches and since no one else was going to the game they put the two extra under the wipers w/ note that said “Free”.

        The Pats were not too successful then and a lot of good seats could be had w/o too much of a problem. The Pats lost and when Bob Kraft and his son came back they found 4 other tix under their car wiper for anyone to use.

        OK that may not be the best of jokes and it has been around a while but the Kraft’s have both said that when they used to go to games and were sitting on the nicely chilled aluminum seats that they had a vision of the future and things would get better.

        About 8-10 yrs later they bought the team and now trying to get Pats tix is a big deal and being at a Pats game is a big deal too.

        What UMass is doing is sort of like that time for the Pat’s a while ago.

        I have been going to UMass games for a while. Been to 1aa playoff games, been to UMaine as one of about 100 UMass fans, Been to Michigan when we lost but came pretty close to pulling off a win too. This team, program and area of the country is able to have a D1 successful program.

        UConn used to play UMass. When they last played each other as 1aa teams UMass crushed them 66-20. UConn for about 3 years had troubles but slowly became better. UConn’s turning the corner moment came around 8 yrs ago when they went to Iowa State and upset them and knocked them out of being a bowl team. A couple of years ago UConn went to Notre Dame and just ran them over.

        UMass is playing good teams and we are still a ways away from the Turn the Corner Moment but it will happen.

        Just have to accept that the blow hards and nay sayers and slam the program types will exist and will spout off. So be it.

        Support the team and this will change.

        Persistance is an admirable trait.

        & I like the Maroon Hard Hat w/ Maroon Musket on the sides.

        Larry sec 109

  3. Paul Wisnewski says:

    as a season tix holder for 10 or more years i was chagrined at the move to gillette and the even more ridiculous move into the michigan-ohio conference nevertheless i kept my season tix last year and attended the dullest most unimpressive exhibition of sport–i was about to scrap the season tix this year until the news of 3 home games plus three at gillette were announced decision making time because the football will probably be even worse this year [no receivers, no offensive linemen] any takers to share this yrars tix call 4132836561

    1. Andy says:

      Paul- That 3/3 split is NOT for this year. It’s possibly for next. Just clarifying that all home game’s are at Gillette for 2013.

    2. Umike says:

      Way to support the program.

    3. Larry says:

      WOW ! ! !

      Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion and their choice.

      At the same time it would seem you were there through a lot of good times and now that the time has transitioned to D1 for all of 1 year and is going through some growing pains you are walking away from being a season tix holder????

      Free to do as you please but would seem like this is a less than good decision when looking at the big picture.

      Larry sec 109

      1. Bob McGovern says:

        I was worried about you, Larry. I look forward to your takes.

        1. Larry says:

          Thanks for the concern Bob

          Trying to keep my “enthusiasm” under some degree of control.

          Was in Lincoln NE recently and the pride passion and spirit of those that follow the ‘Huskers is something to be around.

          Of course in Lincoln NE they do not have anywhere near what we all have in New England as far college and pro teams to choose from so it is different.

          At the same time I like to think of all of this as getting in on the ground floor of the programs build. Will some bricks not be laid correctly – probably – but overall I like where the program is going too.

          Any ideas on meeting up at the Spring Game you’d like to offer?

          Larry Sec 109

    4. SJGMoney says:

      @Paul, you are high if you think we will be worse than last year. Actually worse than high, unfortunately I’m afraid you don’t know much about football. You sound like a Pioneer Valley guy who would just love us to stay playing inconsequential football games against inconsequential foes. Of course the number of those foes disappears every year because of unfeasable economics, but don’t let that stop you for waiting for the good old days.

      Me? I’ll be standing with 40,000 others as we kick BC’s ass in our 2014 opener and I’ll be at our MAC Championship game in 2015.

      1. Larry says:

        $$$$ I like your optimism Guy

        As for Paul.

        Hey he is entitled to his opinion. Hope he sees the error of his ways and stays the course. No one has ever said going D1 was going to be easy and it seems like the team is getting better – albeit slowly and in small steps.

        The BC game should be a good one and I look forward to seeing Detroit w/ you for the ’15 MAC championship game and then off to Vegas ( or somewhere nice ) for a bowl game.

        Larry sec 109

  4. LOEP says:

    I really like this news about possible games at McGuirk next year. Reading your comments today has got my football blood flowing. I want to let you hombres know that this is only my third time to post so you really inspire me. Last week I was for sure going to attend the Kansas State game and now I am for sure going to attend one game at Gillette. I am asking for you hombres input if you could only attend one game this season which one would you attend at Gillette? As for 2014 I plan to attend numerous games and me and my boss(wife) have been talking about when we go that way we wouldn’t be going to Amherst, but to Foxborough, so this news is exciting for us. Not much of a blogger, but going along with the white whale theme, I kind of feel like Ahab the Arab the King of the Burning Sand when it comes to trying to find fellow UMass fans here in the desert southwest.

    By the way, does anybody know if we are going to get any kind of report about the open practice this morning at McGuirk?

    Viva UMASS!

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      I would recommend either the Miami (OH) game or Akron.

    2. SJGMoney says:

      I second those games because they are going to be winners-winners chicken dinners! And your invited to come by my tailgate, we’ ll throw something hot and spicy, southwestern style, on the grill for the parents of TWW!

    3. Larry says:

      Oh Padre from the Land of Enchantment

      Go to the Miami game.

      Of course I say that w/ the understanding that Maine is a win and it better not be too close either.

      When at gillette look for the Pirate and UMass flag flying over my vehicle and feel free to come by for some tailgating.

      Hope the Great White Whale is having a good go.

      Larry sec 109

      1. loep says:

        Thanks for the input Bob, SJGMoney and Larry. Hope to take you up on the hospitality.

  5. Matt engdahl says:

    Awful news if true that place is a dump plain and simple unless they are going to knock down mcquirk the less games their the better

    1. Andy says:

      It’s a dump without the historical charm of a Harvard Stadium.

      1. Bob says:

        It’s a dump because all the UMASS alumni and fans like to complain, which is a lot easier than donating some money to the program.

        1. Andy says:

          It’s a dump now because it was a dump when it was brand new in 1965.

          1. Bob McGovern says:

            Kyle Field was once a dump as well.

          2. Bumpa says:


            This is no beuno..

            I am all for a game, or two back in Amherst..I may lose some of my seat mates if this is the case. Crap-ola! I trust your sources are good Bob, but I hope it’s not that accurate!

        2. Matt engdahl says:

          Have donated money and bought season tickets it’s still a dump

    2. Andy says:

      Just checked out Kyle Field. Saw that it underwent a recent $425 Million renovation taking it from the 80K seating range to over 100K. These things can be done when a school lives and breathes football. Ain’t happening here.

      1. Bob McGovern says:

        It’s a much different proposition to go from 17,000 to 25,000.

  6. ms says:

    I live on the north shore, so making games are easier for me at Gillette, but I think this is great news for the University and the program. I can also imagine announcements made in the near future concerning improvements and expansion to the stadium itself. Go UMass!

  7. NJUMASS08 says:

    Great news! Love it.

  8. Zoomaster says:

    Man why was this contract between Umass and Gillette so long? I dont see the point of Gillette if Mcguirk will be finished. The only games that would make sense would be Boston College but other than that I think games should be played at Mcguirk where it can atleast look like its a packed house.

    1. NJUMASS08 says:

      BCS league schools will not come to McGuirk. Simple as that.

    2. SJGMoney says:

      #1 We needed time to get stadium up to snuff.
      #2 We need a big stadium to play big games

      I’m hoping by 2015/16 that we only have 1-2 games on campus because that means we are improved and drawing big numbers to Gillette.

      1. Andy says:

        SJG- Correct! I know the nostalgia folks hate when this is stated, but the more need for Gillette the better things are going. There’s no other way to put it. If we get good enough to compete and bring in a name-brand program we may get to the point of having 40K in Foxboro. Name-brand teams (as previously stated) are NOT coming to McGuirk.

      2. Larry says:

        You are on the $$$$$ again

        This whole change will not take place in week or a year or even afew years.

        Patience is a virtue but better than that is

        Persistance is an admirable trait.

        Larry sec 109

  9. Andy says:

    Thought the Gillette agreement called for 4 games at Gillette through 2016? This from a Harry Plumer article on the subject: “Since the agreement with Gillette Stadium requires UMass to play four home games per year in Foxborough from 2014-2016, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where more than two games per year are played on campus.”. How can we have 3 at McGuirk when four are required to be at Gillette?

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      That is likely the work that has to be done. My guess: a fourth neutral game, if possible.

      1. umass1991 says:

        If we look at this from Kraft’s point of view, He must think (and hope) that Umass will get better and better so I could see the new agreement would be for less games at Gillette starting in 2014 but for additional years say until 2019 maybe 2020 for all the OOC games plus one or two elite MAC teams. After that, only OOC games against the BCS schools or as needed

  10. Brian says:


  11. UMatt says:

    Good to hear. Football should be on campus. (just to be clear I’m not one of these idiots who didn’t understand we HAD to play at Gillette for awhile. But with McGuirk up to standards, bring ‘em back!)

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