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Photo Gallery: Youth Clinic and Open Practice

All photos by Andy Heller of Heller Photography.


  1. ms says:

    Photos are appreciated. Thanks!

  2. tom m says:

    Very nice pics, thanks Andy . . . great job much appreciated by us far away fans!

    1. Andy says:

      Glad you like them, and thanks to Bob for placing my work in front of fans far and near! Weather-permitting I hope to be at the Spring Game next week and will provide more photos to the Maroon Musket.

      1. Umike says:

        Looks like #55 is Bruns. Who is #13 in white?

        1. Andy says:

          I was told that #13 in white was Jordan Broadnax, not wearing his usual #28. I’m not only taking photos but paying attention to jersey swaps!

          1. SJGMoney says:

            Which answers the question we had a week or so ago about who was the RB who took the ball to the house on Bob’s favorite play. Broadnax looks leaner and quicker.

            Great pictures Andy, thanks for sharing.

          2. NJUMASS08 says:

            I we sure Stacey isn’t wearing #13?

        2. Andy says:

          Re: SJG- Someone told me it was Broadnax, but I didn’t ask to see his drivers license!

          1. Umike says:

            Stacey has been wearing #23

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