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List of Prospects on Hand for UMass 7-on-7

(UMass Recruit DeAndre Scott/247 Sports)

The UMass football team had a 7-on-7 tournament a few weeks ago, and a number of recruits were on hand. Check out the list of recruits that we’ve heard about.

Click on names for either highlights or recruiting page:

DeAndre Scott, S: Imhotep (Pa.)

Quadeem Starkes, S: Imhotep (Pa.)

Randell Hunter, LB: Imhotep (Pa.)

Nyeem Thrones, CB: Imhotep (Pa.)

Ace Long, QB: Friendship Christian High School (Tenn.)

Damon Brinkley, DB: Archbishop Wood (Pa.)

Damion Samuels, RB/DB: Frankford (Pa.)

Shareef Miller, OLB: Frankford (Pa.)

Devin Crosby, CB: Imhotep (Pa.)

Zaire Wright, CB: Imhotep (Pa.)

Deniston Moore, WR: Imhotep (Pa.)

Dre Dreuitt Parks, QB: Imhotep (Pa.)

John Graham, WR: Prep Charter (Pa.)

Shaquille Jones, OLB: Imhotep (Pa.)

Naseir Upshur, TE: Imhotep (Pa.)

Delvon Randall, WR/DB: Gateway (Pa.)

Tre Tarpley, DB: Central Catholic (Pa.)

Troy Simon, WR: Renaissance (Pa.)

Mallory Claybourne, WR/DV: Renaissance (Pa.)

Aiden Howard, WR: Gateway (Pa.)

Maleek White, DE/TE: Seton Hall (Pa.)

Maurice Clemm, DB/WR: University Prep (Pa.)

Dominic Fultz, WR/DB: Gateway (Pa.)

Malik Burks, WR/DB: Gateway (Pa.)

Jimmy Moore, QB/ATH: Gateway (Pa.)

Tynen Greer, QB/WR/DB: Montoure (Pa.)

Terry Swanson, RB: Aliquippa (Pa.)

Zaihe Regus, LB: Gateway (Pa.)

Brenon Thrift, JACK: Gateway (Pa.)

Dan DiNicola, OL: Dexter (Mass.)

Tom Tabur, OL: Northbridge (Mass.)

Frank Carter, OL: Hillsborough (Fla.)

Matt Torrey, TE/LB: Cheshire Academy (Conn.)

Taj-Amir Torres, WR/KOR: Amherst Regional (Mass.)

Noah Burke, WR: St. Peter Marian (Mass.)

Malik St. Hilare, ATH: Palisades (N.J.)

Patrick Kehoe, QB: Cheshire Academy (Conn.)

Cody Williams, QB: Springfield (Mass)

Alec Keener, OL/DL: Cheshire Academy (Conn.)

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  1. Bumpa says:

    A recent transfer out, Byron Cooper went to Imhotep HS..I guess he left on his own accord, I can’t imagine that type of turnout if the staff mishandled the kid.

  2. umass1991 says:

    Since there are a lot of kids from the same school, anyone know if Imhotep typically turns out FBS talent year in and year out?

  3. SJGMoney says:

    Paul Pasq. just printed this list out so he knows who to recruit.

    1. Bob McGovern says:

      To peel back the curtain, if I may. Back during the early days of this site, UConn was coming here for our list of recruits (if you remember, we used to have a log of all recruits with an offer). We heard from someone very close to the situation that UConn had taken the list and were reaching out to the recruits they hadn’t heard of.

      1. Chizzle says:

        Smart…. but, another reason why we hate UCONN!

      2. SJGMoney says:

        I’m always joking about it but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. There have been way too many kids who had no UConn offer, and then we offer and all of a sudden they are interested. Paul P is all done after this year, wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t make it all the way thru the year, so they will be starting from scratch very soon. Plus they lost the one coach who knew what he was doing, Don Brown!!!

        1. umass1991 says:

          maybe Don is know doing this at BC

          1. umass1991 says:

            that should be “now”

  4. Matt engdahl says:

    What happened at the globe today did all the BC guys go on vacation a pleasant surprise seeing something good written about umass in that paper hopefully this turns into a new trend

    1. 2014 says:

      Yes I loved reading that article. Finally some optimism.

  5. Larry says:

    7 on 7 have been going on for about 10+ years.

    Sort of like glorified 1 hand touch or flag football. This gives teams a chance to get out together without being accused of offseason practices. Linemen usually go to linemen camps where they do strength tests and some one on ones.

    Larry sec 109

    1. ms says:

      Thanks. Am aware of 7-on-7, but didn’t realize we had off-season program. Nice recognition (finally) from Globe. When the wins start coming, so too will the exposure (in theory). Globe’s a strange animal. Probably can count more on Herald, western MA media.

  6. ms says:

    Is the 7-on-7 a new thing? I’ve never heard before?

  7. Umike says:

    Charley must reeeeeeeally want someone from Imhotep HS seeing that they basically had the whole football team on hand, sheesh.

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