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Maroon Musket Preseason MAC Projections

With the season a little more than a month away, it’s time to take out our dollar-store crystal ball and project the Mid-American Conference. The MAC looks poised to have another solid year, but with a lot of talent on top, there may not be an unblemished team with an easy shot at a BCS bowl. However, teams like Northern Illinois, Bowling Green, Toledo, Ball State, Kent State and Ohio should make bowl games, while Buffalo, Western Michigan and Central Michigan may have some last-minute work to do. The Maroon Musket Power Poll will be a weekly addition to the […]

Maroon Musket’s 2013 UMass Preview

During my very relaxing Fourth of July getaway, I was able to read through a few preseason college football magazines. Each did a pretty good job projecting the UMass football team but had to do so in about 500 words. I decided to go a little more in depth for the Maroon Musket’s version. Here is our 2013 UMass Football Preview: – Offense Despite losing both its No. 1 receiver and running back (and a good portion of the beef up front) it appears the UMass football team is improving on the offensive side of the ball. Redshirt sophomore Mike […]

Game Week: Beginning and the End

In a way, the Central Michigan game is as much an end as it is a beginning. Ending will be the careers of 14 different college athletes, each of whom helped usher UMass football through the toughest stretch in program history. You have guys like linebacker Perry McIntyre and defensive tackle Charles Thompson, who were silent but deadly leaders on defense. On the other side of the ball you have offensive linemen Stephane Milhim, Quinton Sales and Nick Speller, who were asked to fight in unknown trenches against bigger and better athletes during their final year. There are guys like […]

Game Week: Prediction Time

It seems to me that Buffalo is a better version of what UMass was trying to be last year. Let me explain. Like Kevin Morris’ Minutemen, the Bulls like to run out of the pro style, rely on the running game, and drop back into a situational shotgun. Buffalo also utilizes a 3-4 defense that depends on aggressive linebackers and talented safeties. Replace Branden Oliver with Jonathan Hernandez, Lee Skinner¬†with Tyler Holmes, and Derek Brim with Darren Thellen. The similarity is almost eerie. The major difference is that Buffalo has several years of MAC-level recruiting under its belt. As UMass […]

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